Pierre-Louis Mascia

Pierre-Louis Mascia is known to be unrivaled in the art of mixing, superimposing and combining prints: he does so with amazing freedom and a pronounced graphic sense, which he probably developed on his first jobs as fashion illustrator for magazines such as Vogue USA and Elle.


Before launching his first line in 2007, in partnership with the Uliassi brothers, he was also the artistic director of the Première Classe show, and in charge of lines of accessories for Clergerie, Stéphane Kélian, and Arche.


Pierre-Louis Mascia collections are crafted and distributed by Achille Pinto, an historical textile and printing company, based in Como: starting from raw fabric up to sophisticated finishing techniques each step shows technical skills and an attention to details led by a passion for “Made in Italy” artisanal crafted products.