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Silver Glazed Cup
Flared Porcelain Cup with Gold Stripes
Oribe Stoneware Cup
Large Glass Goblets - Set of 12
Rectangular Porcelain Bowl with Stripes
Porcelain Bowl with Blue Stripes
Porcelain Bowl with Parallel Stripes
Porcelain Bowl with Cobalt Stripes
Stoneware Plate with Irregular Edge
Emerald Green Glass Plate
Black and White Porcelain Bowl
Stoneware Bowl with Gold Rectangle
Stoneware Plate in Luster Glaze
Turquoise Porcelain Bowl
Porcelain Bowl with Red Dots
Porcelain Bowl with Blue Dots
Stoneware Plate with Speckles
Porcelain Covered Bowl
Porcelain Box in Gold and Blue
White Porcelain Wheel-Thrown Pottery
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Porcelain Saucepot
Covered Black Lacquer Soup Bowl with Dots

Elevate your dining experience with Asiatica’s stylish Japanese tableware. Our collection includes exquisite drinkware, serveware, and vintage lacquerware, each piece reflecting the beauty and craftsmanship of Japanese artistry. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, our tableware adds elegance and sophistication to your dining table. Discover the perfect pieces to enhance your home and impress your guests. Shop now to explore our unique selection of Japanese tableware.