Glass Houses

Ohgita Katsuya has been making sculptures of cast glass for some time.  I first saw his work in San Francisco at Japonesque. Then I tried to see his work in Japan, but consistenly missed his exhibitions there. 

Finally I asked Kazuko Misushima whose jewelry and blown glass vases we have sold to introduce me.

When my colleague Kate and I were in Japan 2 years ago we met him in his secondary studio and surprised him by buying a large group of 13 pieces for myself thinking I might keep just a few and sell the rest. But which to sell?

So this year I bought more For Asiatica. The first group were only 30-45-55 mm high.

Then I asked for more: 

These are bigger. The larger ones are about 120mm. Prices rise with the sizes--$65. to $895. 

Why not do some urban planning?

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