Spring 2016 Collection

Designing our seasonal collections involves many brains and many decisions. 

Shapes and fabrics are the two fundamental elements. How many new shapes, which of our classic shapes, what types of variations and what fabrics are available all influence our decisions. 

For new shapes, Angela will make patterns from which we sew muslins. We then try them on and decide if they should enter the repertoire. Discussions as to fit, details and suitable fabrics follow. Many of our shapes are inspired by others:

Fabrics are another way we start a collection. Looking at and sorting through our overwhelming number of choices helps us to form color stories. 

Tags mean these have been inspected and are ready to be assigned shapes.

This spring, in addition to a large selection of vintage fabrics, we have new Solbiati linens and seersuckers and Nuno fabrics. 

New thoughts for spring include several dresses, washing many of the Nuno fabrics, and playing new patchwork games.

Once the fabric-shape matches have been made, they are indicated on the "cutting sheets" .

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