On The Road Again!

Angela and I are ensconced with all our clothes, fabric swatches, scarves, jewelry, order forms, supplementary lighting equipment and credit cards in a 2-bedroom suite at the Hotel Lombardy. 

We not only are helping our customers choose what they might want to buy, making sure everything will fit properly and make them happy, but we also run a conversational "salon". Topics today included the de-accessioning policy of the Metropolitan Museum, the difficulty that auctions of Chinese are posing for private art dealers, where to get the best pizza in the neighborhood (My Pie), the craziness of having the UN located in NYC (why not Des Moines?) and more.

We look forward to our evenings-- dinner, ballet, museums, Uniqlo, pedicure, seeing dear friends and relatives.

This also NY Textile month so we hope new people will come and see the amazing way we use all manner of rare vintage and contemporary fabrics to make beautiful clothes. 

Come and join the party!  It will continue until September 30 in NYC and then at home in KC.

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