Japan in June

"Rainy Season" is not the ideal time for a visit to Japan. But given our trunkshow schedule, the antique show schedule in Kyoto and Old habits, here we are.  

Kate and I are spending 2 weeks hunting for rare, beautiful and practical fabrics—old kimono, innovative woven textiles from Nuno and any other special items only available here. We are also doing "fashion research"—seeking new shapes, new ideas for constructing clothing and adding beautiful details. 

Travel also offers other pleasures beyond shopping like food, drink, garden, temples, friends and a refreshing change of cultures. 

An obento lunch eaten on the train between Tokyo and Nagoya. Bought at the station before boarding.

Our friend Kei's shop on Teramachi in Kyoto.  Nanzenji temple.   Antiques and ikebana at Daikichi in Kyoto where there is also a coffee counter.  Some kimono finds.  See more pictures on Asiatica's Facebook and Instagram pages. Check Kate McConnell's beautiful Instagram photos

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